Équipements Industriels Joliette
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Dedicated services for
machining, welding and manufacturing workshops

EIJ works tirelessly in order to negotiate for you the best prices on large consumption products needed by workshops for their production, such as grinders, abrasives, burrs, drills, blades, files and more.

Supply and
optimized management
for metal production

Reduction of consumables

Thanks to the traceability of our inventory management systems, you are able to list the employees using more consumables. In this way, you can intervene by offering continuous training or supervising the actions in order to reduce your consumable costs in a significant way.

We have your inventory in stock

Our large warehouse and state-of-the-art logistics system allow us to store your inventory under our roof. You benefit from guaranteed supply within extremely short time frames while avoiding to monopolize your production space.

A prompt and efficient service

Our available and proactive specialists do not hesitate to suggest you the products that best suit your needs, in terms of quality and price, availability and more.

Case studies

  • Mailhot Industries

    Metal production
    • Location Saint-Jacques de Montcalm
    • Size 100 to 500 employees

    As a state-of-the-art manufacturing company, Mailhot Industries intended to undertake a cost saving approach in order to increase its profitability. EIJ has supported the company during the whole process. As a result, the acquisition cost of the production equipment was reduced while the productivity of all employees increased.

    The employee’s traceability and the analysis of consumption reports allowed EIJ to create a cost saving program by product line. This program is reviewed annually and enables to identify the savings and optimize the company operations.