Équipements Industriels Joliette
  • Danfreight System

    • Location Joliette
    • Size 100-500 employees

    With hundreds of drivers on the road and a mechanical workshop welcoming several trucks every day, DFS is a nationwide leader in long-distance transport.

    The inventory management systems implanted at DFS as well as the long-term relationship maintained between the company and EIJ have allowed to minimize truck downtimes at a minimum threshold and thus, optimize the productivity of internal and on the road teams.

  • L3

    • Location Mirabel
    • Size 500 employees or more

    Being one of the main suppliers of aircraft services in Canada, L3 carries out major projects for government departments and agencies.

    For several years, EIJ has offered to L3 consignment services and consumable inventory management allowing to meet the highest standards of the aeronautical industry.

  • CRH

    Infrastructure and construction
    • Location Quebec and Ontario
    • Size 500 employees or more

    CRH is one of the largest material and construction firms across the country.

    In order to meet the demand of many production plants located in Quebec and Ontario, EIJ has established a team dedicated to supply, which ensure short delivery times. The rate of assistance from the employees of CRH is virtually zero.

    In addition to simplifying the purchasing process, EIJ has developed a system that can be integrated with the Ariba platform to optimize and also accelerate the invoicing process.

  • Bridgestone

    • Location Joliette
    • Size 500 employees or more

    Bridgestone’s Joliette Plant has more than 1250 employees moving every day within over a million square feet production plant.

    In response to a high consumption volume and decentralization of resources, the installation of automated vending machines in strategic locations helped to reduce the movement of employees and maximize several department performances.

  • Multibar

    Food industry
    • Location Montreal
    • Size 100 to 500 employees

    With a high production volume and very strict standards to respect, Multibar manages its continuous production to maximize every workshift.

    EIJ has a wide range of specialized products in accordance with the strict regulations of the food sector and ready to be delivered in one of the two production plants.

  • Mailhot Industries

    Metal production
    • Location Saint-Jacques de Montcalm
    • Size 100 to 500 employees

    As a state-of-the-art manufacturing company, Mailhot Industries intended to undertake a cost saving approach in order to increase its profitability. EIJ has supported the company during the whole process. As a result, the acquisition cost of the production equipment was reduced while the productivity of all employees increased.

    The employee’s traceability and the analysis of consumption reports allowed EIJ to create a cost saving program by product line. This program is reviewed annually and enables to identify the savings and optimize the company operations.