Équipements Industriels Joliette

Dedicated services for
the food production sector

By working directly with the greatest manufacturers, EIJ is able to offer products and services that meet all criteria related to the food sector.

Supply and
optimized management
for production and
process chains

Logistic chain optimization

Simplify the daily life of your warehouse workers by entrusting the supply logistics to our experts and benefit of comprehensive reports concerning individual consumption.

Cost saving program

Through these services, EIJ is able to provide an analysis of the products used and develop cost saving programs.

Personalized service

Our specialists are concerned about the respect of standards you are facing and do everything possible in order to suggest high-quality products at the best price on the market.

ISO Certified

Iso 9001

Case studies

  • Multibar

    Food industry
    • Location Montreal
    • Size 100 to 500 employees

    With a high production volume and very strict standards to respect, Multibar manages its continuous production to maximize every workshift.

    EIJ has a wide range of specialized products in accordance with the strict regulations of the food sector and ready to be delivered in one of the two production plants.